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Senior financial consultant

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About me

  • Graduated from University College Dublin, Bachelors of Business Studies (Honours) (Marketing)
  • Prudential Financial Consultant, 2019 - Present
  • Promoted to Senior Financial Consultant in 2022


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Mai Yee Ting is an exemplary financial consultant who takes her responsibilities seriously and approaches her work in a highly professional manner. She consistently delivers on her promises, ensuring her clients are satisfied with her services.

She has been a great help to me whenever I've had any questions or concerns about my financial plans. She is patient, thorough, and always ready to offer valuable insights and analysis to help me make informed decisions. With her assistance, I have complete confidence in entrusting my life assurance to her.

I will definitely recommend her as she is a reliable and trustworthy financial consultant who not only offers exceptional services but also makes an effort to establish long-term relationships with her clients. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their consultant and assurance partner.

- Wanyi, Senior Project Management

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Steph has been a very caring and friendly financial consultant from the first day that we spoke to each other. She has consistently displayed her great understanding and knowledge in her work, always being able to to guide me throughout my journey to be financially stable. Whenever we meet, I always leave the session much clearer and with a better grasp of my policies. Her friendly demeanour and gentle smile tied together with her humour and timely questions to ensure I understand what she’s explaining, leaves me wanting to stick around to listen and learn more from her.

Since we met for the first time, I am much more confident about my finances for the future as she has assisted me in choosing a suitable savings plan that works best for my income. I have made a substantial growth in my savings with her support. I also have insurance coverage that Steph and I have discussed and concluded would work best for me and will be able to protect my finances in case of sudden misfortunes. She also regularly checks up on me to see how I am doing, updates me of the latest news(very helpful during covid), and wished me during holidays as well as birthdays. She is always available to assist me and clarify my queries, regardless if they’re policy related or just financial guidance.

I will definitely recommend Steph to my friends. Currently, my partner has also taken up policies with Steph after I introduced them to each other, which she has been giving good and positive feedback about how Steph presents herself and educates her to be better with her savings and insurance. I will definitely continue to recommend Steph to more of my friends in hopes that they will get to know and learn from such a fantastic individual.

- Erik Jude, Student

Steph has been wonderful as a financial consultant. She has helped me a lot in terms of understanding my finances better, she explains in a way that keeps me engaged and focused on what I am getting myself into. She displays a high level of knowledge in her work and this is displayed every meeting. This gives me a lot of confidence in her and trust to work alongside her.

Steph has allowed me to clear up my doubts regarding the various insurance schemes as well as the previous policies I have undertaken. She has helped with breaking down my monthly expenditure and found policies that will be able to better support my current needs.

I will definitely recommend Steph to my friends who are looking for insurance schemes as well as to better understand their financial situation :)

- Natalie Kate, Social Worker

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Yee Ting have been not only a good financial consultant, but also as a friend. She gave good insights on financial planning and always keep her cilents up to date of new products or frequent follow ups. Personally, my own financial portfolio was messy at the start go as i do not usually keep track of my portfolio. However, things changed when Yee Ting came along as my financial planner.

She helped me to organise and even catergorised my portfolio to make it much more easier to understand in layman terms.

i would definitely recommend Yee Ting to my friends as a financial consultant as i felt that she really value add to letting people understand their portfolio better.

- Elvin Loh, SAF Regular

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Mai Yee Ting is a great financial consultant as she takes good care of my whole family's portfolio. Another thing that i like is that when i'm facing any issues or claims for my toddler or myself, she will usually get back as soon as she can and guide me on the next step.

She plans for our financial portfolio thoughtfully and make sure that everything is within my comfortable budget yet sufficient at the same time for the entire family. I'm also glad that i'm able to start legacy planning at young age in hope to leave something behind for my daughter.

I will definitely recommend her to my friends or anyone around me who is looking for a financial consultant.

- Alex Poh, Project Coordinator

I find Steph to be my financial consultant as she very professional and dedicated in her work. She will explain each and every insurance that is suitable for us and our family to let us have a better understanding what we need.

I will definitely recommend her to my fellow friend

- Kally, Eyelash Stylist

Wall of Trust

I just want to commend Ms. Mai for her exceptional service that she's doing for her clients on behalf of Prudential Financial Insurance Company. Ms. Mai is very prompt answering my questions and concerns and she possess excellent knowledge to get matters resolve quickly. You have a winner's attitude in Ms. Mai and I appreciate that she takes her clients' need seriously. She's a pleasure to work with.

- Toh Yi Fang, Financial Controller

Yee Ting is a very patient financial consultant

who takes the time to explain every single little detail of the plans that she recommends to me. When I first stepped into society, I had 0 knowledge about financial planning and she was the one who took the time to explain them to me. At the start, I didn’t even know that I don’t have the most basic hospitalisation/accident plan which was crucial for someone like me who is always driving. She then slowly explained the importance of saving/investment/life plans to me. 101% would recommend to the people around me.

- Loh Eetang, Business Development Exec.

Steph, is a great agent. She's been giving advise on the policy that could help me in the long term run and also going through all the key points for the policy i'm getting into. She show great concern to her client by checking out on how i'm doing.

It was an eye opener when she went through the worst case scenario in future and how my policy can actually help me during my most difficult period and i agree that it is very important to get insure in the earlier stage of life. Overall, Steph is a reliable agent that i could count on and have a peace of mind when she's my agent. Very grateful to have her with me.

- Jeremy Tang, Finance Executive

I am thrilled to share my experience with a truly exceptional insurance agent who has gone above and beyond to provide me with the best possible service. From the moment I reached out to Steph, I was impressed by her diligence and commitment to helping me find the right insurance policy for my needs.

Throughout the entire process, Steph was incredibly patient and attentive, taking the time to explain different policy options and answer all of my questions in detail. She was always available to speak with me, either over the phone or through face to face meet ups, and she was quick to respond to any inquiries or concerns that I had.

Not only did Steph help me find the perfect insurance policy for my needs, but she also took the time to review my existing coverage and identify areas where I could potentially save money. This level of care and attention to detail is truly remarkable, and it speaks to her dedication to providing her clients with the best possible service.

Overall, I cannot recommend Steph highly enough. Her professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer service are second to none, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. If you are in need of insurance services, I highly recommend reaching out to her!

-Joan Koh, Interior Designer

I am so excited to share my experience with an insurance agent who has been instrumental in helping me make informed financial decisions. Ever since I met Steph through my wife, I have gained a deeper understanding of how insurance products can help me protect my financial future. Note that i have zero knowledge as i always leave it to my parents/partner to handle it, i believe majority are like this too.

From the first conversation, Steph has been incredibly knowledgeable and attentive to my needs. She has taken the time to listen to my concerns and help me identify the types of insurance policies that best fit my unique circumstances. Additionally, she has provided me with detailed information about each policy, including the potential benefits and costs, which has helped me make more informed decisions about my finances.

What I appreciate most about Steph is her commitment to helping me achieve my long-term financial goals. She has worked closely with me to develop a comprehensive plan that includes insurance, investments, and other financial products. Through her guidance and expertise, I have been able to make smart financial decisions that have helped me achieve greater financial stability and security.

Overall, I cannot recommend Steph highly enough. She is a true partner in my financial journey, and I feel confident knowing that she have my best interests at heart. If you are looking for an insurance agent who can help you make informed financial decisions and achieve your long-term goals, I highly recommend working with Steph.

-Jensen Tan, Business Owner & Interior Designer

Steph understands my needs and financial plan. She has excellent communication and explains policies well.

- Tania Cheng, Nurse

Yee Ting has a friendly and affable personality which make her someone who is easy to talk to. Would definitely introduce her to any of my friends that need a helping hand on their financial review/consult.

- Eddy Choy, Engineer

I am not able to buy insurance due to my existing conditions but thank you Steph for introducing me some other policies which i used to think is a waste of money until she explained and keep me covered under other aspects and enable to make a claim in a swift. It is important to have insurance at young age and also planning finances well.

- Melvyn Lau, Student

I met Steph back in 2021. She came across as a friendly and knowledgeable financial consultant whom I am able to approach and probe questions as and when needed. Back then, I didn’t see any purpose with regards to savings or investments but after Steph shared her knowledge on the importance of it, my mindset started to change and that was how I got my first savings plan. Steph also takes care of the well-being of her clients as well. I would recommend my friends to Steph as I see the patience in her imparting her wealth of knowledge to others.

- Jie Min, Student

Yeeting is helpful and patient helping with my financial planning. Making time and effort to meet up to accommodate my schedule.

Feel really comfortable and sincerity the whole process.

Will definitely recommend to friends that need financial planning 👍

- Qinglin, Personal Trainer

Yee Ting is a very responsive and efficient financial consultant that I have ever met and she has good product knowledge. She will also ensure to do a yearly review with me without fail and keeps me updated on the latest news/changes of the policies.

I had no intention in purchasing insurance in the first place but ultimately i chose to have her as my financial consultant after having a discussion with her and realised the importance of having my existing policies to assist me through my way which I am thankful for that.

With all this, I will definitely recommend her and she will be the first in mind when it comes to financial planning.

- Zheng An, Account Handler

Yeeting is a really sincere person and dedicated financial consultant. she does her best to ensure all parts of your financial is being covered and well taken care of. She even makes initiative to implement a program for her clients in case there is any mishap. i will definitely recommend her to my friends.

- Melvin Wong, SAF Regular

I am delighted to share my experience working with Yee Ting, a highly skilled and dedicated financial consultant. From the moment I engaged her services, I knew I was in capable hands. Yee Ting’s expertise and commitment to helping me achieve my financial goals have been truly remarkable.

One of the most impressive aspects of working with Yee Ting is her ability to understand my unique financial situation and tailor her advice accordingly. She took the time to listen attentively to my needs, aspirations, and concerns. This personalized approach enabled her to develop a comprehensive financial plan that aligned perfectly with my objectives. Yee Ting's attention to detail and her deep knowledge of the financial landscape gave me confidence that I was making informed decisions.

Throughout our collaboration, Yee Ting demonstrated exceptional professionalism and integrity. She guided me through complex financial concepts with clarity and patience, ensuring I had a solid understanding of each step along the way. She was always readily available to address any questions or concerns that arose, providing prompt and thoughtful responses. This level of accessibility and open communication fostered a sense of trust and partnership, which I greatly valued.

Beyond her technical expertise, Yee Ting possesses excellent interpersonal skills. She genuinely cares about his clients' financial well-being and demonstrates a strong commitment to their success. Her friendly demeanor and approachable nature made our interactions both enjoyable and productive. It is evident that she genuinely values building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend Yee Ting highly enough as a financial consultant. Her exceptional knowledge, personalized approach, and unwavering dedication to her clients' financial success make her a standout professional in her field. Thanks to her guidance, I have gained a greater understanding of my financial options and a clear path to achieving my goals. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her, and I look forward to our continued partnership in the future.

- Zheng Wei, Software Engineer

Mai Yee Ting is a straightforward financial consultant who doesn’t beat around the bush. I’m someone that hates going around in circles especially if I sense greed for premium sales. Hence I appreciate someone that is transparent to me unlike other pushy consultants that focuses too much on premiums with sales pitch similar to others.

Yee ting helped me by reviewing my previous plan and optimise to her best ability. She first asked what I wanted before giving suggestion, if not explain which is important and optional so I could make a better informed decision. Before finalising on the plans, she patiently explained to me the entire plan thoroughly.

I would definitely recommend yee ting to my friends and family to those looking for a straightforward non pushy beating around the bush financial consultant!

- Weihong, Fitness trainer

Steph is very reliable, knowledgable and down to earth. She ensures that her clients is aware and constantly updated. She’s dedicated and goes the extra mile to meet her clients personally and organises client events to allow her clients to mingle and get to know one another.

Steph has helped me meet my current needs and provide relevant advice in every situation that concerned me.

I have and strongly recommend her to my friends. I believe she will be able to help them like how she helped me 🥰

- Centaine, Tax Consultant

Yeeting is a bubbly and friendly consultant, who is willing to share her own insights to deepen the connections with the client.

She has helped me by going through a comprehensive review of my current portfolio of insurance plans, and she is willing to hear my own concerns as well to tailor the plans better.

Of course I will recommend Yeeting to my friends as she is not only hardworking but I can tell she can be a genuine friend as well

- Yee Meng, Auditor

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